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We suggest the Triage Tag which "SAVES LIFE". Triage tag is most attracting attention of lifesaving / relief in a time of disaster.
Triage Tag

The triage tags can be used in almost any kind of disater or sitution where matters have become out of hand.

the triage tag is made from a special type of paper which is resistant to water and will not rip or tear

the triage tag has a life span of about 4-5years is cared for. But usually lasts around 2 years where the writing will be clearly readable

the application form comes in 3 copies.
One copy for the disaster scene , the transportation organization(ambulance) and the medical institution.(hospital)

What is Triage Tag?
Simple triage is usually used in a scene of mass casualty, in order to sort patients into those who need critical attention and immediate transport to the hospital and those with less serious injuries. This step can be started before transportation becomes available. The categorization of patients based on the severity of their injuries can be aided with the use of printed triage tags.

Triage separates the injured into four groups:
1. The deceased who are beyond help
2. The injured who can be helped by immediate transportation
3. The injured whose transport can be delayed
4. Those with minor injuries, who need help less urgently

Triage Tag Sample
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Triage Tag Sample
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Criteria for Judgment Classification
Judgement is determined on the following sources.

• Total of injured and sick people
• Acceptable medical institutions
• Transportation capability
• Severity / Prognosis
• On-the-spot emergency measure
• Amount of time to medical attendance

A judgment result displays it with a four-colored tag (triage tag), generally fix in a right wrist of the sick people.

0(Black) Black (Deceased)
Patient is needing no care,
they’ve passed away
Ⅰ(Red) Red (Immediate)
Patient has life threatening injuries.
Ⅱ(Yellow) Yellow (Delayed)
Patient has non-life threatening injuries.
Ⅲ(Green) Green (Minor)
Patient has minor injuries.
*The priority of transportation and emergency medical care is
I → II → III → 0.

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